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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my event include an unlimited number of photos?
Yes, your event includes an unlimited number of photos during the duration of the contracted time.

How many pictures does the photo booth take of each group of guests, and will each group receive their photo at the event?
This is a completely customized option. We offer the standard 4-image series but also offer plenty of other options. We use new, extremely high-speed dye-sublimation printers. Each group photo will be ready immediately upon exiting the booth (within 8-10 seconds)!

How will my guests know what to do once inside the booth?
Instructions are given inside the booth. Your guests will become acquainted with our friendly LCD monitor which will guide them through their photo session. And there will always be at least one member of our team on hand at all times to answer any questions your guests may have.

How clear are the pictures printed at my event?
Extremely clear. We use state-of-the-art printing technology for your photo booth experience. Additionally, all of our booths are equipped with at least a 12 megapixel digital SLR camera and professional lighting equipment.

Will the booth be operational for the entire time?
The booth will be operational for at least 90% of the time. The booth may need to be serviced during the event (i.e. adding paper, ink, etc.). And at your request, we will pause the operation of the photo booth during major announcements and milestones during your event, such as speeches, special dances, etc.

Will my photos be available online?
Absolutely. All events are viewable online within 3 business days after the event. Additionally, your photos will be protected by a password, chosen by you, so only your guests will have access to your event photos online.

Can additional photos be purchased?
Yes. Additional photos will be available for viewing and purchase from this website within 3 business days of your event.

How much of a down payment is required for scheduling a booth?
We require a $300 minimum down payment. We accept payment by check, money order, or with any major credit card through PayPal.

Can I choose the booth background for my event?
Yes. We offer numerous background colors. We also offer a complete customized backdrop option as well.

How much space is needed for the booth?
The booth dimensions are 10 feet in length, 10 feet in width, and 8 feet in height. We highly recommend that you have at least 12 feet in length, 12 feet in width (giving your guests room to stand outside the booth), and 8 feet in height. Please make sure you have enough space prior to renting a booth. Also, please make sure there is at least one operating ”standard” 120v wall outlet near the booth area. Without both of these, we will not be able to provide our services at your event.

Can your photo booths be set up outdoors?
Yes, the photo booth can be set up outdoors; however, we would need 3 things. First, we would need the booth area to be completely covered overhead to keep the booth from getting damaged from the rain. Second, we would need an operating “standard” 120v wall outlet near the booth area. And third, please make sure the booth area is a smooth, hard surface.