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About The Fashion Photo Booth

The Fashion Photo Booth is our modern twist on the traditional photo booth. A labor of love between a professional photographer and a graphic designer, we’ve redefined a classic experience to fit the needs of today’s clients who want the best–stunning images on custom-designed prints that are modern and stylized, all delivered through exceptional experiences.

We can accommodate groups of any size for a fun and spontaneous atmosphere. We exclusively use high-end digital SLR cameras, top-tier lenses, and fashion studio lighting to capture you and your guests at your best. Each event is unique and can customized with complete branding, live social media integration, lighting effects, digital displays & slideshows, backgrounds, and props. Most of all, The Fashion Photo Booth gives you the opportunity to make your event one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime.

Every package includes unlimited sessions & prints, custom branding options, online galleries, digital downloads, professional attendants, and much more. We offer photo booth rental services throughout New Jersey and Metro New York. There is never a job too big or too small for The Fashion Photo Booth to handle!

So whether you are seeking a custom-designed photo favor for your next party or a fun & interactive viral marketing solution that ties your clients to a full brand experience, The Fashion Photo Booth is sure to be a perfect fit for your event!